Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Enough Already

Looks like someone is tried of the snow...we'll he's not the only one....

Kelly Ann


  1. Nope - there's some folks over here in So. Indiana that are tired of this too! Mr Snowman has been "hanging" around too long!

  2. that photo is too funny! They finally plowed my road properly at 4 am this morning...I sent an e-mail to the boss, Told him the 'Mayor' needed her street taken care of!

  3. That is hilarious!!!

    May I post that photo on my blog??

  4. OMG! How did I miss that picture! That is too funny. Hope the snow is subsiding where you are. We're expected to get another 1-2 inches tomorrow. Hope they don't mispredict like last time. 1-2" turned into 12-13"! Jenn


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