Saturday, December 5, 2009


One question....who ordered this snow??
Maybe it was Stella...she looks like she likes the snow...was it her??

I'm just saying....I love the way it looks but man is it a pain when you have to be out driving in it...
Here's the view out our back door...what you don't see on the deck are the two chairs that I left the cushions on...oops...

So if it's snowing where you are stay inside, stay warm and sit in front of your trusty sewing machine...
if it's not snowing where you are...stay inside, chill out and sit in front of your trusty sewing machine..
if you're the one that ordered this snow...
I'm gonna get ya!!

Kelly Ann


  1. WOW!! you guys really got hit! how many inches total? bet the school kids and TEACHERS lol are bummed it was the weekend lol lol

  2. Hey that's not fair! Send some of that due south of you to NC! I want snow!

  3. It sure wasn't me. I've been wet and cold for two days and I LIVE in Florida!!! Thank goodness no snow, but I have been staying indoors, trying to stay warm. Emptying closets, and at night sewing a bit. So whoever ordered the cold weather in Florida, I'm gonna get ya!! burrr....

  4. I ordered it!!!!!!! Come and get me ;-)

  5. I am so jealous! All we got in Richmond was more rain. My dogs love the snow also.

  6. Wow! you have more than we do here in Northern Wisconsin...we may catch up though by tomorrow night...up to 8" predicted & then into the deep freeze the rest of the week - well below zero.
    Take care and stay warm.


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