Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you on Facebook?

So do you Facebook? I'm pretty hooked...I joined FB to keep in touch with old school friends, then some of my family got involved then I got hooked up with a whole new group of quilting friends. I've been looking for a forum to do announcements about the going on's at Kelly Ann's Quilting I tried Twitter but that just doesn't give me enough letters to say what I want, yes I know you get a 140 characters to say something quick but come guys that know me that I can't give directions to the corner with that little detail.

where am I going with this....
if you're on Facebook search on Groups then search Kelly Ann's Quilting..we have a friends and fan page...I'll be posting new stuff coming in, new clubs....basically new and fun stuff. So come on over and join and be the first to find out what's happening at KAQ!

see ya around town...
Kelly Ann


  1. I'm also on Facebook (and twitter). You can also create a button for your blog to help increase awareness you are on FB. I have one on my blog.

    I'll check out your FB group. Sounds like fun.


  2. Huh, so Facebook has groups? I really need to broaden my horizons. I usually just play Scrabble on it. I will check our your group.


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