Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yep...Fall is Here

I'm still wondering what happen to summer but make no mistake about it...fall is here. You can always tell that first cool morning when fall arrives because I can't get my butt out of bed. I woke up this morning and it was like...okay who took my covers, nope they were still there, who turned on the a/c, nope that was off but wait did I leave both the bedroom windows open last night...yep, and let me tell you it was chilly. So I dug out the long pants, I'm a capri kind of girl, sweater and even socks with my crocs, what's that you say...crocs with betcha! I wear my crocs all year long, I even have a lovely friend that knits me warm and toasty socks to keep my feet warm in the winter. I read something a couple of years ago before heading to Houston for the fall quilt market, it said "fashion stops below the knees" so I took that to heart and gave myself permission to wear my green/blue/orange crocs year around.

Okay back to the fall thing...I went shopping last weekend for potpourri, do you know I'm having the hardest time finding one the smells good, as a matter of fact I'm having a hard time finding any at all. I went into Yankee Candle thinking surely they would have some, nope no luck there, Home Goods, they had some but it was nasty. So here I am with my fall candles and no matching potpourri...but I'll keep on plugging along and I'm sure to find some, just in time for Christmas. I've gotten the fabric to make the table topper but that just might have to wait until after Houston but once I get it done I'll take a picture because it's gonna be beautiful...

Not much sewing getting done around here, this coming weekend Jackie & I will be vending at a local quilt show put on by the Madison County Quilters. If you're in the area stop by and say hello. The following Thursday Jackie & I will be leaving on a Jet Plane and will won't be back until the following you see I'll be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. But never fear I'll be posting while in Houston and as usual I'll have pictures for all the world to see.

So keep quilting and remember....quilt with a'll keep them guessing...
Kelly Ann


  1. It's even turning cooler here in the South! This morning was in the low 60's, which is pretty cool for this time of year. Time to grab the socks :-)

  2. Yes fall is here in the Northwest too! High of 62 today! Yippee. I am enjoying it though, just wearing a little warmer clothing. Still love the sunshine and blue skies we're having and sitting on the deck reading! My favorite thing to do (well, besides sewing). I love wearing sox with my Birks, that's about the same thing! Hey, after all, comfort is everything!

  3. Fall in Arizona is beautiful! It will be our first week of below 100 degree temps for a very long time. Time to start quiltin' ;)


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