Monday, October 5, 2009

Our First Booth

For those of you that couldn't make it to Madison Virginia for the Quilted Treasures Quilt Show I thought I'd share some pictures of our very first booth. Jackie and I had a great time meeting new people and visiting with old friends. The show was held in a school gym, how do you like that blue paint on the bottom of the wall...really set off our samples, don't ya think? We had five tables and now we're thinking that if we had six we could have set up a demo table, how fun would that have been. I love doing demo's I'm thinking that if this quilt shop thing doesn't work out I can be the next Billy Mays and sell some OxiClean.

Another look at our booth, we were right by the door so we were the first ones you saw as you came into the gym, you can't see it but right over our heads was a basketball hoop...kind of thinking next time we'll bring a basketball in case we get bored.
A close-up of the samples that Jackie taped to the wall, not once, not twice but three times..but yet there was a schedule for a teacher that I'm sure had been up there since 1958. What kind of tape do you think they use???? take a look in the picture below you can see it beside the blue & white table runner...
If you came down to the show a BIG thank you....if you couldn't make it there's always next time.

I'm working on the pictures I took of the quilts so keep checking the blog to see some of the beautiful quilts...I'm talking beautiful!!!

until next time...keep on smiling...
Kelly Ann

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