Monday, September 21, 2009

Gotta empty the Camera

Okay so here goes...Lots going on so I'll start with getting some pictures off the for your viewing pleasure...

This was from our last birthday bee gathering...I forgot to take a before picture, it was beautiful but so yummmyyyy...that we couldn't resist digging in before the camera came out.

Here's Charlene checking out the chicken coop's I made for her birthday, and yes that's a Pat Sloan pattern.
Here's Angela with her birthday wall hanging that I made using some of her favorite fabric...
Here are those crazy Saturday Stripper Ladies...Fancy Nancy & Queen Dee...what you didn't know that it was national honey month? well neither did we but these ladies are a ton of fun to have in the strip club.
and we'll end this little picture show with Stella...she's either A. reading her email, B. watching TV or C. getting caught sitting in Andrew's chair...yep you guessed right, she's reading her email!!!!!

Laugh out'll keep them guessing!
Kelly Ann

PS: The top picture is chocolate pudding, cool whip, nuts and brownies...and yes it was o'so yummy!!!


  1. what the heck is that in the top photo????

  2. that I know what that is...I want some!!!

  3. Hi, Kelly Ann, thanks for stopping by. I added my paint color on that post, but it is the same as my laundryroom, Behr's Grasscloth. It really is a good color!


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