Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Banner of the Month

This is one of the things we've been working at the store for what seems like forever....

See all the button packs...we've got buttons for the next six months of banners, I just need to finish up Wilma Witch here then on the wall she'll go for all to see.

Do y'all remember the list I made last week? I went back over that list and ya know what? I might be able to mark one thing done today..yeah!! I did start on several of my items, which is what we all do so well....start will my next post be called Finishing Up...maybe, maybe not but I do know that I'll get that list done and they I'll have a party...well maybe a party in my head, you know with dancin' and talkin' mostly to myself ...

Have a great day....and laugh out loud, it'll keep them guessing!!
Kelly Ann

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