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To Do List

Do you use a To Do List? I try, I really do but everytime I make a list I loose it. This weekend Andrew is driving to New Bern to visit his mom and I'm gonna tackle the to do list I just made, from the look of the list I'm gonna need more then the weekend to get it done but at least I've written a few things down. I would be happy to share the list with you but you'd see alot of blanks, it would read something like this.

______birthday present
________birthday present
paint railings
_______round robin block
_________birthday present
baby boy quilt
BOM Banners
trace red/black work for _____birthday present
________birthday present
remove wallpaper in guest bath

This list doesn't have any of the normal stuff Andrew and I do together on Mondays like grocery shopping and just general running around, or laundry, cleaning, walking the you see I'll be a pretty busy lady this veggin' for me.

My plan is to let y'all know how far along I've gotten on this list before Andrew gets home on Monday...

Wish me luck...
Kelly Ann


  1. I am an inveterate list maker. I have lists everywhere. Lists for the grocery shopping, lists of quilt projects, lists of books I want to read, fantasy lists of the clothes and shoes I would buy if I could. When I see your list, I think you sure have a lot of people to buy birthday gifts for!!

  2. Good lucky, deary! That's a pretty long list for a weekend, as you said! Maybe you should not set yourself up for failure by saying this is your weekend list, but call it your week's list!? Just an idea! Enjoy!


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