Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm still running around like a....
yep, chicken with my head cut off....but I decided to take a few minutes and share some of the pictures that have been on my camera and had promised lots of people that I would share. Here are a few of the pincushions we have on display on at the store. If y'all will search your memory banks, yes I know it hurts but give it a try...remember the blogs I did while in Pittsburgh at Spring Quilt it coming back to ya??? Anyway, while there we noticed a lot of pincushion patterns and some of them are soooo stinkin' cute, so after much bribing I got a few of the ladies at the store to whip some up....

So...what do ya think?

I've been working on some store stuff the last couple of weeks, a few table runners and stinkin' cute Halloween panel, stop by the store and take a peak I'll show you what I did using some glow in the dark thread...very cool!

I'll be back soon...but until then...quilt with a smile!
Kelly Ann


  1. Those are some mighty cute pincushions! Linda E and i made the Doreen Speckman chicken pincushion for retreat treats many years ago...they look like relatives to the chickens in your pics but not as cute...they didn't have those wild and crazy fiber "feathers" on their heads.

  2. I love those chickens, Kelly Ann. LOVE THEM! I've made a few myself. A dear friend of mine (aka The Chicken Lady) made me a super small micro one - oh it's so cute.

  3. Hey Monica...glad you like the chickens..I would love to see your super small micro it on your blog...


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