Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fog in the Morning...

I have two very sad girls today....why? No walk this morning...again, why? Because of this...

It's so stinkin' humid here that the fog rolled in over night and our roads are a bit too dangerous to walk with this much fog. Both are laying at my feet and every move I make they look up just waiting for the hat on the head to indicate it's time....well not today girls...maybe after dinner if the rain holds off we'll head out....

Lots going on at the store, more fabric arriving daily, new books to rack and yesterday Jackie put in 10 boxes of Quilters Dream Batting away..10 boxes is a lot of batting.
Y'all stay cool today...
and remember...
put some music on and dance while you quilt!!
Kelly Ann


  1. I need to make it in soon...I'm getting itchy!!!!!!!! Need Fabric !!!!!

  2. Ok....I don't 'Need' fabric..but I want it badly ;-) I know you understand.

  3. Hope you have a nice day. Your pic is so calming. I believe I would have to drink my coffee there each morning. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Enjoy your day. I'm sure you will find fun things to do with all that yummy fabric :-)

  5. TEN boxes of batting?!?!? Whassup with that?

  6.'s tough being the batting queen...

  7. Wow what a beautiful picture. We live in El Paso so it's rare to see grass! It's humid here too which is odd because it's normally so dry. I'm not a quilter (which I were) but I know how to shake my booty! Happy blogging!


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