Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogs With Blogs

Did ya ever wonder what is going on in a dogs mind? what they're thinking? are ya ready for this...there's a whole world out there for Dogs with Blogs if you're a doggie person or just curious check out this blog...some of these dogs are so stinkin' cute...The girls highly recommend taking a look...

I've been doing some sewing and as usual can't show ya because they're presents for some of my favorite gal pals but I promise as soon as the gifts are given I'll take some pictures....

see y'all around the funny farm...
Kelly Ann


  1. Your girls are adorable and I love how they cuddle together. Our Nico and Murphy play together and stuff, but they don't cuddle together! I'll be checking out that Dogs with Blogs.

  2. Your girls really are adorable. And I love your post. Only thing to make it better would be if your cute dogs were on top of a quilt.

    BTW, If you are on Facebook you may want to become friends with Baxter Bussey. Baxter is a therapy dog, who is quite old in his own right, but he still keeps working (therapy). He has great charisma and I truly do believe he has some healing powers.


  3. Hi Stella! Hi Zele! Come join us at Dogs with Blogs!


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