Friday, July 3, 2009

The Girls

A while back I was reading one of my blogs and came across this really neat one, The Katillac Shack and her post on helping abandoned dogs and cats, after reading the post I figured "I can do that". I sent Kelee an email, she mailed me two "Play Strong" scarfs and all I needed to do was decorate them, take a picture of them on the girls and email them back to her...well they're done and if I say so myself the girls are so stinkin' cute...don't ya think?
Neither of girls wanted their picture taken last night but Stella sat very still and Zele decided that she could model her's just fine from the floor...

So, while it's not quilting y'all can see I have been doing some sewing...I'll post pictures this weekend of what else has been consuming my time...until then...

quilt with a smile


  1. Beautiful have a big heart! And yes...the scarfs are wondrful. I live outside of Fredericksburg VA. Wheres your shop?

  2. Darlene, thanks for stopping by, we are located in Warrenton VA..check out out website
    thanks for stopping by and checking out "the girls"


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