Monday, June 1, 2009

Kelly Ann's is going to the Dogs & Cats

If you've ever been in the store you know our love for animals is strong, you'll hear me talk about "the girls" our own Zele & Stella, read our newsletter and see the story about Mosby. Animals need our support so this month at Kelly Ann's we're accepting donations for our local ASPCA. There are so many animals left at local shelters across the country that we thought the least we could do was help a little...Stop in the store anytime during the month of June, drop off something for the doggies, kitties, rabbits (you name it our local shelter has it) and while there drop your name in the jar to win a $25.00 gift certificate.

Zele & Stella say thank you!


  1. bummer too bad I visited the shop before i read your posting lol oh well gives me reason to drop in again this week lol lol
    I love the trunk show!

  2. I was there Perfecto the cat! Oh one told me about the jar!!!!!! please put my name in.....Please


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