Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

Say hello to the May-Pole Ladies...Queen Dee and Fancy Nancy showed up for Strip Club today ready to do some dancin' you think we have fun at Strip Club or what?

Take a peak at the quilt behind them, that's the Relay for Life Raffle quilt that Tom & Joan Jackson did this year...stop in and buy a chance to win this very scrappy quilt..can't stop in, email me we can always do business via snail mail. I'll take a better picture for all to see.

What a beautiful day we had, it was beautiful, sun was out it was nice and warm...can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Quilting and keep an eye out for what the crazy team of Queen Dee and Fancy Nancy decide to do next month...those silly strippers...just wondering, can anyone top them? I'm just saying...hey Thursday Strip Club....can you ladies beat these two wild and wacky ones?


  1. Well Dee really had it going on... sounds like big shoes to fill... hummmm can we???

  2. I am loving how productive you keep Ms.Leigh...I wanna be so productive...things sure seem to be stopping me lately from my machine! love the new sample quilt on your shop website.

  3. keeping Leigh busy gets her off the streets and out of bars...


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