Friday, May 8, 2009

Do You Think I'm Confused?

These are the three projects I worked on last night, so you tell me, am I confused or what? I trying out a strip quilt design to be used for a charity sew-in this summer so I'm using up scrap strips of baiks, I'm also working on another State Fair but this one I'm using 30's prints. The next picture is what I think is the beginning of a round robin, you notice I said "I think" because if you've ever done a round robin you know deciding on where to start is the hard part.

So do you like these strip blocks? how about the green, pretty cool don't ya think?
These 30's prints are from P&B called Granny's Treasures, talk about quick and easy. Whenever you can grab a charm pack or jelly roll, go for it, for the most part the cutting is done, you might have to do a secondary cut but what time savers they are.

As you can see I've found time to sew...not only was I counting the non-sewing days I was counting the rain the sun has come out, the machine has been turned on and hopefully all of this will lift my spirits.

Happy Sunny Day & Happy Quilting


  1. OOOOhhhh I love the 30's prints.

  2. What about the dirt? Even me "the black thumb one" got my hand dirty today....

    aka the queen of jellyroll land :-)


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