Saturday, May 30, 2009


Who doesn't like a give-a-way? Go over to The Empty Nest to see what Janet is giving away in her first ever'll notice she spells giveaway that way and I spell mine give-a-way this that's got me thinking...maybe I'll do a first ever give-a-way...check back tomorrow to see why you might be able to win...and don't forget go over to Janet's blog and tell her Kelly Ann sent you.

Happy blog surfing...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birds of a feather

Here are a few of our feathered friends that show up for their twice daily feedings... I wish I could tell you that I took these pictures but our little sweeties won't hold still long enough for me to snap and keep the girls away from the feeder at the same time, so off to Google Images to grab some great pictures. The top picture is a yellow finch, there will be times when we have seven or more birds flying around for a spot on the feeder.
Say hello to Mr. Indigo Bunting and yes he's really that blue, I was thrilled to see him back this week.
Daddy Cardinal, boy does this guy have a mouth on him and not to happy to have others on the feeder when he's ready for his meal.

Now this guy...I think he's on contract with the squirrels to knock the seed off the feeder so they get a free beware if you see him...I've taken to calling him Woody but now after finding this picture of him to call him Wildman...

Y'all enjoy the last days of spring and keep on quilting...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Retirement Big Brother

We spent this past weekend in North Carolina helping my big brother, Jimmy, celebrate his retirement..what do ya think, does he look happy? I'm working on a flickr account to set up all the pictures for the family to see, I'll share when it's what do y'all think, do we look alike? There's six years between us and I couldn't be more proud to call him my brother. Way to go Jimmy, love your little sister and the one that got all the looks!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Even though I didn't have to travel across time zones for this Quilt Market it sure does feel like it, man am I beat. We always hit the floor running when market arrives and don't stop when we get back, how could we, we have all this great stuff to show and tell. I think I finally got everything we brought back into the computer and out for everyone to see.
Here's the Swirly Girls display, after I took the picture I noticed the flash off the front of the pattern cover, sorry about that. Anyway you've got to see these in person, we're in the process of using two of their patterns for some kits, so stop in today and see for yourself how stinkin' cute these are.

Just like kids when you come back from a road trip the girls wanted to know what I brought them back from quilt market, see they don't really want fabric or this is what they got...we take the tops off and they love their plastic bottles, except you can see for yourself that the "rotten" one managed to get both, claiming them as her own. Don't worry we take the bottles from them because they can actually eat them, they chew and play then we recycle.

Stop in and see some of cool stuff...the design wall in the class room is up and now I can't wait for them to come in so I get buy one for my studio.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quilts from Spring Quilt Market

Sit back and Enjoy some of the quilts that caught our eye, this is just a small showing of the quilts but we thought you'd like to see some really cool quilts...

Happy Quilting...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet some of our Market Friends

See the smiles on those faces...this picture was taken after the Schoolhouse day, we had yet to hit the market floor so our feet and legs still felt good...Here's Jackie goofing with Joyce & Phoebe from Quilting Adventures in ya think Phoebe had any idea what was going on behind her? We had gone to Station Square across the river from the city, lots of fun places to eat along the Monongahela River.

Everyone wave to Robin (she's in the middle) and her friends from the Prym Consumer Products/Omingrid booth...what a hoot these ladies are..they shared lots of fun stuff with us, some new stuff that came out at this market and guess what...yep, we ordered some of it and it's on the way...The Design wall is wicked cool, we'll have one hanging in the classroom on Wednesday so make sure you stop by and ask to see, we've ordered some and I'll let you know when they arrive, they're gonna be a must have for your studio!
Do we looked tired? Here I am with Traci from Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, y'all can thank Traci for our trunk shows...she's got more energy then any one person should have and we love it! So tell me....what do y'all think of those flower quilts hanging behind us? do ya think I should get that show also? We have two more shows coming from them but I think I'm gonna let y'all help pick out the following show, I'll post details on that contest in an upcoming newsletter.

Hopefully y'all saw my previous post about getting some patterns from a new pattern company called Swirly Girls Designs....well here are the Swirly Girls, what do ya think of their shirts, cool don't ya think? Here are Susan and Christine, I got this picture as we were following them out to their car to pick up our Focus Pocus patterns...we'll have them out on Wednesday for everyone to see and Barbara is gonna work up a sample using Valori Well's new Del Hi pattern, I'm so excited to see it done...

Karen Snyder with more men, yep, she says their names were "Bob" but now I'm really starting to doubt her.

Do ya think Jackie is ready to go home? Actually this picture was taken on Thursday night, I think she's looking into the future and that's not really a smile but a "holy crap" what have I gotten myself into...
This picture was taking along the PA Turnpike, it's not the greatest but you can see the big wind mills creating tons of clean cool are these things? I wish I could have gotten a closer picture for those of you that have never seen them...they are massive and so cool to see along the horizen...let me tell you that day there was enough wind to make those things go flippin' fast.

We're home and regrouping, tomorrow is back to work and by Wednesday we'll have all of our new stuff out for everyone to see...I'm so excited for y'all to see some of the cool stuff we were able to bring back with us and they within the next couple of weeks and months stuff will start coming in that we ordered. We've got some really cool stuff happening in the store this summer and I can't wait to share...and y'all know me...sometimes you can pull the secrets out...maybe even bribe me? can anyone say chocolate...hehehe

Later I'll post the pictures from the small quilt show that was hanging on the market floor, but until then
Happy Quilting

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Do ya wanna see what the hot item was at this Spring Quilt Market....well take a look...pincushions, lots and lots of pincushions. Some of the pincushions have patterns, and yes we're gonna carry them, but some some of the pincushions were just props for other enjoy these pictures and where there's a pattern (that I know of ) I'll post under the picture..

Button Stitch Designs...yep gonna get the pattern...

Indigo Junction...Yo-Yo Pincushions...yep these are on the list to order...
Lizzie B Creations...yep, got 'em...
Miss Rosie's Quilt Patterns....of course we got these, you know how we love our Miss Rosie...
So what do ya think? are you ready to start making some cute pincushions to decorate your sewing studio or better yet give to your about starting on those Christmas presents....

I have more to post from Sunday's market and also we took some pictures of the quilt show that was hanging so I'll get those posted this week.

keep watching this space for more fun pictures and maybe, just maybe a give-a-way...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday at Quilt Market

Wanna see what we got? Take a look at this really neat Buggy Barn quilt, like it? This quilt is from their latest book, Crazy Fun-N-Games and the fabric is from Henry Glass, yep we got it all! And, the guy in the next picture is the one that sold us the book, we'll just call him Mr. Buggy Barn.

This next guy is Bob, he's our Checker Rep and a great guy to boot! Bob helped us order some fabric today...we'll think you'll want to thank him when you see it!
Do you recognize this lady? yep, you're right it's our very own local Pat Sloan. Pat is doing a demo on George, isn't she just the cutest!
And here's Karen Snyder, with yet another man named "Bob" we're really starting to wonder about her!
This is the Lizzie B booth, not to be confused with our cat Izzy B. The ladies at Lizzie B made fresh baked chocolate cookies at the hotel room the night before and treated everyone that stopped by, they also won 1st Place in the booth decorating contest.
There's more from today but I don't want to over-load everyone so stay tuned for more Saturday pictures and some Sunday pictures...tomorrow is the last day then where heading home....can't wait to see the hubby and girls.


WOW...I'm 100....yesterday's post was number 100...

see y'all later....

more to come from Pittsburgh!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday at Market

Friday at Quilt Market

How's this for a Market treat?

Or maybe this cutie?
Even better how about some fruit, nice and healthy. All I can say about the first three pictures is Pin Cushions...they are sooo hot so keep your eyes open in the store.
Meet Karen and Jackie...Karen is the designer behind the KariePatch Designs..don't you think her chickens are just too cute? Jackie, her helper, lives in Manassas and is one of our they way, we'll be getting that chicken pattern in soon along with a few of her other cut ones.

Here's Carrie Nelson from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company and no Rosie wasn't with her. Carrie has designed six new Schnibbles and we can't wait to share. The watermelon and strawberry pin cushion are her designs and Jackie won the strawberry and that should arrive in June, I promise to post that info as soon as it arrives.

Meet Lynette Anderson, Lynette is from Australia and does some beautiful hand embroidery work, check out her blog at Lynette Anderson Designs.
Okay, I know this picture is fuzzy but here is Karen Snyder with another one of her mystery men..shhhhhhhh don't tell her husband.

Market has been busy, lots to see and do. We've been real busy checking out new pattern company's, ordering buttons and some really cool wide rick-rack. We've picked up the new Buggy Barn book and Heather Mulder Peterson's new book & pattern and we're bringing a few back with us for ya'll to see. We're also bringing back some great patterns from a new pattern company called Swirly Girls Design, the girls are actually Susan & Christine from Quilters Corner in Midlothian Va. Besides the pictures above we have had a few sightings...let me see, who have we seen...Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, Kaffe Fassett, Pat Sloan (yes that Pat Sloan), Mr. Pat Sloan, I'm sure we'll be seeing more stay tuned...
we're off to bed, gotta have our beauty sleep...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We've Arrived

We finally made it to Pittsburgh PA for the Spring Quilt Market. The trip up was smooth sailing and only after arriving and stopping at Karen Montgomery's shop The Quilt Company did we run into problems. As you can tell by the first two pictures that Jackie was wearing a Washington Capitals hockey t-shirt in the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, what a trouble maker she is.

She did tell the ladies at Karen's that if Pittsburgh won she would get a Penguins t-shirt or at least wear the word penguins over the Capitals logo if the Caps lost...hmmm...well the Caps lost last we'll see...

We went on a dinner cruise last night with the FabShopNetwork, what a fun time traveling down the rivers looking out on the city. Our table mates were Carol Britt from Batiks Etc. and two of her assistant managers, Karen Snyder from Anna Lena in Long Beach Washington and Debbie & Jim from Quilting Possibilites.
As you can tell from this picture Karen & Blake have become fast friends.
Here's Anna & Carol, see Anna eating that was very yummy...

I'll post more from our adventures today...
Keep Quilting...

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