Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Day in Virginia

Spring has arrived, and here's the proof...First up is Stella, are ya wondering what she's looking at...
well she's looking at Zele here with the ball...thinking...I want that ball.

Bleeding Hearts
Red Bud

We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday...just enough sun and warmth for all of my spring flowers to start to appear, and appear they did. I sure wish I had scratch & sniff on the computer because the lilac smells so beautiful. The Red Bud is in it's peak, before long those pretty flowers will drop off and the heart shape leaves will appear, and just like clockwork after the leaves come out our Hummingbirds appear.
Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful spring day...


  1. yum it was a beautiful day -- kids planted pacasandra in our front... yeah in a year no more weeds!! the Red buds are really great this year! our new dogwood has it's frist flower as does the yellow transparent apple!my very favorit from our orchard!!!

    have a happy monday and see ya tuesday

  2. Morning Kelly yard is in bloom also and I love it. Just lifts your heart, doesn't it? Hug your dogs for me.


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