Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I spent this past weekend sewing on Barbara's birthday present and what do I have to show for it you ask? A picture of Izzy-B
I was sewing along and she's demanding to come and watch so up on the sewing table she goes, doesn't she look good up there on the biscuit quilt Nanette made for me this past Christmas?
Okay, back to Barbara's birthday present...I made State Fair from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co I used a couple of charm packs, one dark one light to make it real, real, real scrappy...Barbara loves scrappy. I didn't put the outer border on but did a small inner border then used a really cool chedder for the binding. I don't normally do reproductions nor do I do scrappy but I'm kind of liking how this one turned out. I'll have her bring it in on her day to work and snap a picture.

I've not posted in over a week and yet I've been on the computer. I'm amazed at how much time a computer can suck up, from reading my blogs (I love them all) to facebook, well someone mentioned Twitter on their blog and I went and checked things not for me. The amount of time I spent reading what everyone else was doing was only wasting my time so sorry to say no Twitter for me which leaves me more time for my blog and my blogging friends.

Happy Quilting

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  1. I love black and white cats, and that quilt looks the perfect place to show off her colouring.I'm steering clear of Twitter too, I can't keep up with blogs and email and I think I'd rather be quilting anyway.


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