Thursday, March 5, 2009

Frozen Chewie

Well by now everyone knows that I'm "eat" up with my dogs or "the girls" as we refer to them. Each time we bring in a new toy or bone into the house we bring two and each time we do that Stella decides that both are for her. Zele is use to not having a "chewie" to play with as Stella lays claim to both of them. This past week we had some wicked cold weather and snow and Stella never goes outside without a chewie in her mouth, normally she brings them back in but not this time, looks what she discovered in the back yard this morning
the top one is frozen, she ran into the house with this thing sticking straight out, you can see how floppy the bottom one is. The good news is both chewies are safe and sound the bad news is they both need a run in the washer and if you take both away at the same time there will be hell to pay from Mel Torme' from Stella.

I just heard on the weather that it's going up into the 70's on Sunday and maybe even Monday...wahoooooo.....
Happy Quilting

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  1. As for one dog taking both chewies --- same here but our dogs take turns taking chewies from the other... sometimes only moments apart... makes it all very exciting time here.


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