Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Present

Here is my birthday present that Jackie gave me last week...don't worry you didn't miss it, my birthday is in November. Jackie had ordered it in time for the big day but it took forever to get in.
it will hold all of my hand applique' thread, as you can tell I don't have alot but you just wait I'll fill this thing up in no time.

Tonight is the first time a group of us are getting together for hand applique, very informal but several of us are interested in doing more hand work and this sort of forces our "hands"...hehehe. The prep work for what I'm doing is taking forever and I'm not sure that I'll continue to use this method but I'm trying to find what works for me. I'll post some pics later so you can see sort of what I'm doing.
Happy Quilting

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  1. Fun Group! - Thanks Kelly Ann - I just might pull the grand applique I got a number of years ago...


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