Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bath Day

Today was bath day around here and there are two not so happy pups. They've started to dry out but if there's a sunny spot Zele will claim it as her own.
They really needed their baths and with all the yucky weather we've been having today seemed like as a good day as any. Can you believe that a couple days ago we had snow and ice and today it's suppose to get up in 50's, well the only thing I can say about that is, "bring it on". We don't normally have such cold temperatures here but this winter is kicking our butts, we haven't gotten the snow and ice that most have but we sure have had the extreme cold .....brrrrrr.

Here's a picture of the Ginger Cake I made last week, just found it on the camera. The first day the cake was wonderful but it didn't take long for it to start drying out, guess I'll need to play with the recipe to see what the deal is.
We're gonna head over to Tim & Pam's for the Super Bowl...I'm doing turkey chili and Pam is doing the pre-dinner and dessert...knowing Pam it will involve Chocolate, Pam believes that chocolate is a major food group...what a gal!

Gooooooooooo Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Snifffff... mmm... fresh bathed dogs - I love that!


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