Thursday, January 22, 2009

Start of a Heart

I've been reading lots of post about people making Valentine heart quilts, wall hangings, just general heart stuff so I said why not, let me give this a try. Okay, now remember that I own a quilt shop so you would think I would have plenty of stash to pull from to piece some scrappy hearts, well NOT! So I started with what I had and so far this is what I have so
guess you could say it's a start of a heart! Now take a look at how big the heart turned out, holy mackerel, this was suppose to be a sweet small wall hanging, at this size I could cover the whole wall. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a small inner border of the background fabric to enlarge the "white" space, then a little flange, and finally an outer border. But first I need to make this big bad baby straight, don't ya just love those square rulers? they help fix some of those not so square blocks.'s suppose to hit 40 today...WAHOOOOOOO.
Happy quilting...but still stay warm!

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