Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sew yes but Sew What

What perfect day to sew, sew what you say, sew anything. It's foggy, rainy and just plain yucky out today, I'll be working but what better place to be stuck then in the store. If we're busy great if not then I get to sew, sew what you ask, sew anything. I had gotten real good about sewing something daily if even for 10 minutes but that habit doesn't take long to get out of but I think today, again depending on how busy, I'm gonna cut out a table runner and sew. I've been wanting a new table runner for Christmas and what better time to start, maybe it'll actually make it on the table this year. This one I'll post as soon as I get it done, it's gonna be way cool. Mirror Image is the name of the pattern, we used it in Stash Busters last month and now I keep seeing the potential in loads of fabric and because I added the leaf to my table I might make mine I think I'm gonna need more fabric, shoot, guess I gotta do some shopping today.
stay dry and Happy Quilting

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