Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Baby it's cold outside! I started a post on Tuesday from my office upstairs in the store as I watched the first "snowfall" of the year. I say "snowfall" because it was nothing more then flurries but still it was snow. I'm one of those people that have a love/hate relationship with snow. When I was younger I had this wonderful fantasy about snow falling around a covered bridge, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, playing with my dog, well this scene happened. When I married Andrew he swooped me off my feet and landed me smack in the middle of that scene. I moved to New Hampshire about a mile from a covered bridge and it was right out of a Norman Rockwell picture until my new husband informed me that while he was happy that I had shoveled the driveway I would need to do that every two hours to stay on top of things. What, was he kidding, nope, so for my first winter in New England I got my snow, covered bridge, fire, hot chocolate, playing with Maggie-Dog in the snow and shoveling...lots and lots of shoveling, 125+ inches of shoveling. So that's where my love/hate relationship started with snow. So stop by the store and watch me get excited about snow falling, then stop by the store and watch me grumble while I help my landlord and shovel the sidewalk.
Happy Quilting and Stay Warm

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