Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Time Out

Welcome to my blog, I'm starting my blog from Westlake Ohio while in Husqvarna Viking Product Know How Class, wow that's a mouth full. We started the quilt shop in 2005 and each year we've added something new, in 2006 it was a Gammill Long Arm (you'll be hearing lots about this), in 2007 we decided to start working on adding sewing machines, well it took until February 2008 but it happened and that's how I ended up in Ohio in May training on this great machines. I started quilting in 1996 while living in New Hampshire and here I am owning a quilt shop, can you say addiction. My goal is to show you the real side of owing and running a quilt shop, from the fun and crazy to the frustrating and, well, frustrating. I'll also be posting on my personal quilting adventures, road trips, projects and I can just about guarantee that you'll hear about my dogs, which everyone in the shop refers to as "the girls". Please feel free to post questions comments, I would love to hear what others are thinking.

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